Thursday, 24 January 2008

reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2, 3...

reasons to be cheerful, part 1:: I've been nominated for this award

by Helen over at Angharad (thanks Helen!). I am delighted (and amazed that people I don't know actually read my witterings) Now I have to list 7 weird things about myself (hmm, where to start?)

Ok, here goes...

1. I have no musical memory and can listen to the same CD all night long, each time being surprised and excited afresh by the tracks I like...(I only need a collection of about 3 CDs to ensure all my tastes are covered and I am never bored!)
2. I love to see people eating apples. It makes me happy. I love to think about people eating apples. That makes me happy too. I do quite like to eat apples myself. They make me happy.
3. I never really realised point 2 above until now (I mean I knew I liked apples but...)
4. I have no half moons on any of my finger nails. This doesn't make me so happy but I try not to dwell on it.
5. When I was small I once woke up in our holiday home in Ireland with my arms covered in slugs which must have crept (eh, slithered - ugh!) in the window while I slept. I made the mistake of sharing this story with Ms. Beva once upon a time (you know how it goes... "eat up your dinner and I'll tell you about my idyllic childhood...") and now I am accosted wherever I go by 5 year olds clamouring for a retelling and asking ever more detailed (and impertinent!) questions - I do believe the child is famous in her year group as a result of my slug hell.
6. I have tiny ear lobes and there is something very particular about the left one that I am not yet prepared to disclose in a public forum.
7. I like to eat the inside of raw broccoli stalks. Peel off all the hard green stuff and the interior is really sweet and tasty. You should try it - if you like it too maybe I am not so weird.

In turn I nominate JuanitaTortilla, MeridianAriel, DomesticAli and Imagingermonkey for amazing services rendered to the blogosphere. Take it away ladies...

rtbc, part 2:: I arrived home from a fairly exhausting morning with Ms Bester at a cold and manic toddler group session to find the following goodies had arrived in the post..

part 2 (a)
from the aforementioned JuanitaTortilla, some gorgeous earrings I had ordered from her etsy shop earlier in the week

accompanied by a matching bracelet about which I had no prior knowledge

(thank you again you lovely creature!)

part 2 (b)
from MeridianAriel, a very beautiful bracelet from her etsy shop

which came in a handmade pouch with mother of pearl button and was accompanied by a colourful range of teas

a gift which is both topical (for me) and very thoughtful (thank you I can't wait to try them - in fact I am putting the kettle on right now)

part 2 (c)
from a large and not particularly wonderful British high street store, some shoes I had ordered

in which I doubt I'll be able to walk but will do very nicely thank you for a special occasion I have planned which will also feature (along with the pretty jewels I am gathering), this little number...

can't wait!
(now don't tell me the shoes don't go, it'll be dark and I'll be hobbling - that'll be the last thing on my mind and everyone else will be so surprised to see me in a slinky dress and heels that they won't notice any such minor details!)

rtbc, part 3:: while getting into various unholy contortions attempting to take photographs of myself in the now finished Cloud Slouching (based on Ms Bernard'sLe Slouch- now see, that's what it is supposed to look like - I've given up and am now calling mine Cloud Stretching and wearing it about the town)

without having the patience to work out how the self timer on the new camera works I managed to shoot some random images which I really like.... I think i will give up looking through the viewfinder from now on...

(and finally, Ms Bester, eating an apple (now I know why I love that girl!) and wondering what the hell her unhinged mother is up to now with that tiny hat and the big black camera)

(ps another rtbc (part 4) - all those great tea suggestions that came after yesterday's post - I am looking forward to trying each and every one - thank you!)


Meridian Ariel said...

the hat looks lovely, I'm not that brave or that good at knitting to do really useful items besides scarves. I like the shoes too!

juanitatortilla said...

Whee! That was super fast -- it took less than a week to cross the North Atlantic ocean, wow.

Your pictures make my humble little pieces look a million bucks. Honestly!

Oh! I've been tagged! I never thought it could ever happen to me. What joy! Will do it, right now...

Katy said...

Lovely hat! I look ridiculous in hats, totally stupid in fact.
Thank you for the tag - now I have to think of something interesting to share..Hmmmm.
Ms Bester is rather gorgeous, is she for sale? I'll pay a princely sum :)

Keri said...

I love that dress and those shoes. And I totally think they go!!!

Florence said...

I knew that hat would be gorgeousness once it was finished....and it's really not that small!

I love the weirdy apple thing - I know what you mean...there's something so wholesome, rosy and round about the whole thing. Thank you for alerting my attention to the fact that munching apples can be so loveable.

samantha said...

I think the hat looks great, and love the artistic shot :) I too think apples are very happy inducing, but had probably never thought much about it before. Those jewels, shoes and dress should certainly cheer up your 'grey and miserable' days there. Unfortunately Pimms time is over for us here and it is back to doing school runs and such. Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

Ali said...

Thanks Annie! And I'm with you on the Apples=Happy thing.

Lindsay said...

The hat looks really cool, perfect for this blustery weather. Your outfit looks fabulous, beautiful colours! I hope you are going to be sashaying into someplace equally fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, how does living south compare to us over here north of the river?

Helen said...

Love the shoes!
And I agree with you about apples. My daughter (4) has just graduated to eating them whole instead of cut into chunks and there's something really lovely about that first crunch of the apple.

Penny said...

Hi Annie,
Congratulations on your award! I have a question for you since you were telling some things about you..... what exactly does "overmilkwood" mean or refer to?

Amy said...

You have a lovely blog! Thanks for the sweet comment left on mine. And I love what you wrote about apples. It is so true, my daughter loves to munch on them and she looks adorable doing it :)

sa said...