Wednesday, 9 January 2008

...exhibitions etc

I appear to be in a period of hibernation on the crafting side. Too tired after all the christmas handmade extravaganza (although I do have some plans up my sleeves so I won't despair, yet)

Today I ambled out of work to grab a sandwich before my next meeting and as I left Pret A Manger I noticed something. A place I always knew was there, a place I used to frequent regularly in the olden days when I was an artsy gal about town (pre kids and mortgages and real jobs in other words), a place I hadn't darkened the door of in years. And today, even with a Very Important Meeting about to start within the next ten minutes (and a crayfish and rocket sarnie to be gobbled beforehand), I went in. I went in and I walked about and I looked. I just looked. For ten minutes. And it felt so good.

the place was this

and the things I looked at were this and this

and over the weekend I plan to go to this or I will have missed it, and that would not do at all

I couldn't do a post without some pictures so here you go

[yes those are silver stars on the hyacinths...don't ask]

the only new year's resolution I will publicly admit is to somehow learn to use my lovely camera on something other than auto mode...

to this end I'll be taking photojojo's advice (the photos above are a rather tentative start to my project365 - now I have to work out what I am supposed to do with them next, if anything...)


Florence said...

I used to work on Long Acre pre-babies and used to love going there too. There is also a very small park in the centre of covent garden that I used to visit's sort of behind the big open bit where you often get entertainers performing...I forget exactly how you get into it, but it felt like such a nice place to be and a long way from work!

Marisa said...

Wish I could visit that photo exhibit. The link you provided is very cool. Your photos and crafts are also very beautiful. Love that shot of the trim. Very nice light.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Annie - thanks for joining my swap! Could you please send me your email address so I can post out the details? My address is on my profile page. Thanks, Lucy x

juanitatortilla said...

Project365 is such a great idea. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures!

P.S. The "Swiss trip" -- Hubsy and I intend to move to Zurich this Spring! So, the fluff monster will be coming along with us, although, judging by his size and weight, he'll have to be checked-in as Cargo. That breaks my heart :(

Elizabeth said...

Hello! I found your blog via another blog that I read ( Soozs. ) I'm doing the Project 365 thing as well, after finding out about it on Ravelry. It's been an interesting three weeks so far, and it's great to see other people doing it.