Thursday, 26 June 2008

wemakeLondon...a roving report...

your intrepid Milkwood Times roving reporters (ed in Chief AnnieB, cub reporters Ms Reva and Ms Bester) braved the depths of central London last weekend to bring you this exclusive report on London's finest craft fair, the one and only WeMakeLondon...our main aim was to meet the infamous Angharad and check out her lovely wares...we found her in a pleasant corner, penned in by beautiful bags and purses and had a first hand report that the fair was fun. Helen certainly looked joyful as she sat on her perch next to Ms Clothcat (lovely felted items) and surrounded by her handmade goodies. Her purses were almost too pretty (ooh, they are gorgeous, and they are for sale on etsy too) for my slovenly lifestyle (shame that...) but I did score this wonderful tissue holder... complete with inaugural Cath Kidston polkadot tissues...we'll degenerate to lidl multi-packs shortly, as soon as this initial flurry of good taste and throwing caution to the wind with regard to paying almost a pound for a couple of sheafs of paper that you will wipe children's snot with wears off. It won't be long.

After that it was one sort of crafting wonderfulness after another until I thought my head would explode.

The Milkwood team's faves were, in absolutely no order at all:

Cub Reporters Choices
1. Buttons by creamrose
ooooh, we spent a lot of time on this stall, and re-awarded our favourite button award many times over. In the end we made some choices and walked away with two sets, but I know we will be back for more.
They will be perfect for the many baby kimono cardigans that will be gracing my needles for Autumn 08. The Creamrose team were simply delightful and acted as though they weren't put out in the slightest by the cub reporters tactile approach to the sport of craft-fairing. Thank God!
2. creatures by siansburys
we didn't take any of these home (had we not just had a birthday and lots of cub reporter spoiling I am pretty sure defences would have been lower and we'd have snagged at least a brace) but have our beady little eyes on them for the future - they were fab
3. sock critters by millimoomi
the cubs invested heavily at the shrine to sock critterdom that was millimoomi, walking out with not one but two tiny sock rabbits. These are currently taking pride of place in the cub reporter's staff room, although the pink one has hidden and refused to come out for the photo [ed's note - photo now lost also...will be included at later date if photographer not sacked for negligence] - the choice of this pink one struck me as strange, as usually my girls profess to hate pink, but Ms Bester let her love of sock bunnyness overcome her hatred of the colour, as it was the only one left once her more senior colleague had snaffled the yellow...

Ed In Chief's Choices
1. Angharad, obviously. Such beautiful work, such gorgeous fabrics, such an eye for detail and colour. I loved them, and cherish my tissue holder and the opportunities it may yield for an all round fresher faced reporting staff. Do Not Hold Breath. I May Never Use A Polkadot Tissue. They Are Too Cute.
2. I second the cubs' choices above. Those are damn fine reporters.
3. I fell head over heels and totally in love with...wait for it...some knickers. Not just any knickers you understand, ooooh no. These are Greygoat's handmade silky ones. Oh my word they are gorgeous. And she does matching camis too I hear. I have updated my Christmas wishlist already...scratched out all the teflon coated bakeware previously inscribed (well, the oven doesn't work anyway so who needs them, frankly) and replaced with these. In unscratchable ink. Roll on December...

after all that hard work the reporting team repaired to the nearest pizza express and had some damn fine pizza, swiftly followed by a trip to the British Museum and much hilarity in the Egyptian rooms ("there's a dead one" "Ooooooooh, there's another dead one" "Mummy, Mummy, there's a Mummy, Mummy" and my favourite of all, when faced with a Mummy case with a beard painted on the external representative figure "Is that one a Daddy?")

(note: it is past midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning and I have been seeking a moment to write this post since Sunday it any wonder I am on an average of one post a week...)

(note 2: Thank You all so much for the birthday wishes for Ms Reva. You rock!)


Dyan said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I laughed about your Cath Kidston tissue comment but I so relate, her stuff id so pretty.
P.S. The report was good too, I loved the little covered buttons...they're as cute as - well, buttons! (a little corny, I know, but you get my drift)

Anonymous said...

Can we schedule a few minutes to catch on Radio Free Nation? How's this weekend look for you?
email me at when you get a minute.

Just want to catch up and see what's happening in your neck of the woods these days!!!



Katy said...

excellent report, Mrs. Tell those cub reporters they deserve a biscuit.
I have seen those silky are not alone in your yearning....

Meridian Ariel said...

lovely post.. it was well woth the wait and given me a good laugh this morning while H is a very unhappy and poorly little bunny. love the tissue holder.

_wonders if it will get used or just looked at- *g*

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

What a fun report! There hasn't been a good craft fair here in ages. At least that's what it feels like to me.

PS In case you haven't checked in lately I did leave a reply to your comment on the sac swap.

Helen said...

What a great roving report! It was so lovely to meet you and your girls! They obviously took their duties very seriously.

Sounds like you all had such a fun day out.

Thanks for the kind words :D I'm glad you liked the tissue holder, and hope it sees you through many runny noses for years to come. xx

Claudia said...

I would have love to see WeMakeLondon but it didn't work with our trip schedule :(
Cute tissue holder. Take care xox