Monday, 31 March 2008

a review...and a forecast...

I've been tagged on the 4 things meme by two very talented bloggers Katy and Jen
check out their blogs if you haven't already done so, they are great (you may even notice a replica Ms Bester on Katy's entry of there is this little girl called Ms Bester who lives with me and she has a third birthday coming up soon...)

I was intrigued as to what meme actually means, initially thinking it was simply a all about me (they are fairly self-reflective normally it has to be said) however I have been put right and it is all far more interesting than that...check this out if you too are intrigued beyond what is normal by this whole meme lark (thanks Apryl)

anyway, grab yourselves a cuppa and settle in for some looking inwards...

(nice excuse to show you one of my latest thrifting finds...I tell you I've gone berserk on the vintage china of late. So much so we are running out of room to store it (well, not quite yet) but I tell you it's just delightful to drink tea from these dainties...brightens up many a dull morn round milkwood way...may do a post on all my vintage beauties one of these days, or maybe I'll just have to invite you all around to take tea...I have about enough cups now I think...and Apryl can bring baked goodies, my excuse being that my oven is still broken - the reality being that the woman makes damn fine cake)

so, to the meme

4 Jobs I have had::
bookmaker (as in the betting kind) - I was the one who took the money and wrote the results up on the board (in the days before t'internet and technology took over all that and bookies became flash) in London's famous Petticoat Lane - how I loved wandering around there...hated the job though
gin bottle quality checker - I was the one who checked the bottles of gin to make sure there was no gunk in the booze...sounds more glamorous than it was (am not sure that's possible actually) there was much standing around in front of a lightbox and conveyor belt for 8 hours a day...I was young and I needed money, that's all I will say
teacher - english as a foreign language, computer programming, art...take your pick I've done 'em all...still doing the art teaching (my artclub) and I must say I LOVE that job
computer programmer - in the late 80s/early 90s - imagine a huge mainframe computer with tiny black terminals if you will..then imagine yours truly with a permanent hangover (it was my first time away from home and I fell in with a lively crowd - what more can I say) - it wasn't a good combination - I kept knocking the on-off switch with my toe by accident and the whole caboodle would power off and 40 or so programmers would wonder what had happened...I would take the opportunity to make some tea, obviously

4 favorite movies ::
jules et jim (or anything with Jeanne Moreau in)
breakfast at tiffany's (or anything with Audrey Hepburn)
million dollar mermaid (or anything with Esther Williams)
lights in the dusk (or anything by Aki Kaurismaki)

4 places i’ve been ::
New York
Italy (8 weeks after Ms Reva was born we went to Florence...8 weeks after Ms Bester arrived we went to Venice...I think I need another baby!)

4 places i’ve lived ::
New York (state, one summer, with a broken heart...awwwwh)

4 favorite tv shows ::
ugly betty
the late late show in the 70s and 80s (only Irish people will understand this)

4 favorite radio programs ::
I am a radio 4 fan - front row, woman's hour which I get to listen to approx once a year!), used to love the saturday morning family show with John Peel before he departed this world too early and RFN independent voices (of course!)

4 favorite foods ::
king prawns
(and tea, which doesn't really count as an extra as it is a water)

4 places i’d rather be ::
hmm, quite like where I am right now (though it is a bit messy, truth be told) but if I had to you could probably persuade me to :
a Greek island or San Francisco or Amsterdam or Rome or or or

I think I am supposed to choose 4 people to invite to join in this so I invite Jo, Asti, Penny and Chloe ...but only if they don't feel that this meme is one which "may prove detrimental to [its] hosts" !

now, to the future...I am currently forecasting...and the future is grey (Rowan Pure Wool Aran)

unfortunately I found myself in Suffolk without a cable needle but with an inviting inglenook which created an overwhelming urge to I used one of the kids pencils instead...must admit those cables are a smidgen looser than they could have been had yours truly even an ounce of patience and self restraint...

and finally (as if I haven't already ricocheted between enough diverse topics in one post) some earrings I mustered from an old necklace I had lying around...I rather like, if only I could wear earrings...

gosh, that may well have been my longest ever post...I'd be amazed if anyone were still here...


Penny said...

Thanks for the info on what a meme actually is! I had always wondered as well and had never taken the time to look. My my, you have been around and done most everything there is to do! :)Lovely knitting, I wish I had the patience to knit something bigger than a dishcloth! I will take you up on your meme tag at some point this week.....

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I've used a straw when I was without a cable needle, sometimes you have to improvise and it works out fine. I love the clock on your blog, I went and got one for mine.

Katy said...

What a nice mix of jobs you've had, the gin bottle one sounds like something I would have done (and probably enjoyed - thanks to it being so simple and untaxing on my little brain)
What is this knitting I see? Looks rather lovely. I have no idea what a cable needle is, but if you can use a pencil then I think you should. You'll always have a writing instrument to hand should you need it.

asti said...

Loved your meme...very interesting stuff in there! Cracked up re switching all the computers off, sounds like something I'd do. I LOVE radio 4 too...god i must be getting old! Will take up the meme when me poor old back is better and I can concentrate for more than 2 seconds without wincing ! x

juanitatortilla said...

Still here!

Love the earrings!!!

painted fish studio said...

i'm still here! :) thanks for playing along with the "4s". it's always fun to learn about your blogger friends. and your job history is a hoot!

Helen said...

Great meme! I am very nosy, so I love reading these (I also stand corrected as I'd assumed the 'me' 'me' explanation too). Love your latest knitting project - beautiful colour yarn.

Florence said...

Lovely meme and interesting snippets - and I love that you weren't capable of answering it in minamalist list format - I've been tagged for the same one, and know that I will share your need to expand on the theme!

Ali said...

I thought meme was by me about me too - I stand enlightened. Thank you.

And loved your 'job' section!!

Meridian Ariel said...

very amusing post, I needed a good chuckle, and I love memes they are great, and somewhat addictive. I will definitly bring cakes if we ever go that far down south aside from trips to the airport.. I'm working on it as I want to take H on the train down to london and hit a few museums and things...

Charlie P said...

Oooh, that was a very interesting meme. When I see gin I never stop to think about the person who checked it for gunk. Now I will!
Lovely earrings :)

Things Hand Made said...

I am right with you as a Radio 4 fan.

kristi said...

whatever it is that you are knitting is just beautiful. and i love your profile photo--very creative. i have taken pics of myself in a mirror but they never turn out like this one! :)

Miaou said...

I had to lol at your knitting using the pencil as a cable needle - it's just the sort of thing I do!
I love reading all the meme's (or memes?) too, it's very interesting, yours is no exception!