Thursday, 26 January 2012

Five go down to the sea...

I know I've been absent from the blogosphere for almost a year now (give or take two months) but I swear I've not been idle - there has been so much change.

So. Much. Change.

My status has changed from unhappily married (in the latter years only, we truly had some great ones prior to that) and gainfully employed (ie regularly earning) mother of two living in a red brick terrace in a SE London 'hood to unmarried Irish coastal farmhouse co-owning quasi self-employed girlfriend to a beautiful man ...who makes gingerbread houses on xmas eve for the small fry...

("girlfriend" ...who ever would have thought, at MY age too?!).

One thing remained happily constant throughout however : the mother of two bit...(praise the universe and all that is good for that)

charming I'm sure...

We moved lock stock and cat (of which more later) in mid October.

Into a rambling farmhouse on an acre of land by the Atlantic Ocean in deepest West Cork. Yes. It IS windy here, right by the Atlantic. Windy and glorious in equal measure.

The kids have settled in the local school, their only complaint is the smell of cowdung in the playground at lunchtime but when I asked about this recently they'd forgotten they'd ever mentioned it, so they are obviously acclimatising well. Heh heh. Good thing too as I'm not sure what I could have done about that particular issue.

We've been happy and content in general, missing friends in London greatly but not the place itself (yet). The only blow we had was the loss of my aged arthritic (it really was her time) cat Ms Jean Seberg who cast off this mortal coil early in the new year, to tears and dismay and a surreal spell where she was frozen by the vet for a week while we returned from a visit up the country in order to bury her in the garden where she was so happy.

I've been meaning to get back to this blog for ages now, since things have settled a bit, but never quite got around to it...until today.

Why today I hear you ask (heh heh heh...the sound of my silent audience...the ones who got bored to death waiting for me to say something, deafening)...well, the impetus was given by my reading this post by veryberry which calls out to people to Resolve to Sew in 2012...well, I'm up for that...indeed it forms a great part of my Grand Plan (which isn't really so Grand, nor even Well Formulated at this point, but definately involves sewing!) Let this be the point at which I officially share my Resolution To Sew 2012. (after I commission a wallet from the aforementioned extremely talented veryberry that is)I'll also share the fruits of that resolution on here as time goes by...without leaving 10 months between posts anymore. That'll be the other part of my resolution.

Back soon...(cue hollow laughter from the amongst the tumbleweed and dust...)


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

it's lovely to see you back to blogging AnnieB :) i never gave up waiting for a new blog post!
look forward to see what your sewing - vV x

Gina said...

Sounds like a change for the better.

Vonnie said...

Missed you, Annie! xx

Marie said...

Good to see you back with so much positive new to share (except for the kitty, clearly {{{HUGS}}} about that, the loss of a cherish pet is a horrible time).

I look forward to more tales from windy Cork.


Jennie said...

ohmeeegeee I think about you everytime I see my little Russian doll and wonder how you are doing.
I havent kept up with my blog much either, not that I've actually being doing anything worthy of note.
I cant believe all your news and I am so pleased for you! <3 Obviously very sad to hear about your kitters but love your new home and the fact you sound so happy. xxx

Jennie said...

p.s thanks for the comment. I get my towelling by buying hand towels in the sales and then chopping them up ;) buying it by the yard is quite expensive and you can get good quality towels for not very much. Glad you still like the rabbit and she didnt fall to bits xxx

Leila said...

Thanks for this great post. I have enjoyed reading it. It seems to me like it is gonna be big changes!

two hippos said...

great to see you back!